Jerry's Trenching Service, Inc. | Jerry's Trenching Service - Providing Fiber Optic Trenching, HDD Boring and Utility Trenching Services within Central California
Jerrys Trenching Service provides a wide verity of trenching services, including various types of machine dig and Hydro-Vac operations for verifying underground utilities (Pot Holing), specializing in providing underground electric utility services and gas systems for all utility providers as well as telephone, cable, and broadband service providers
Fiber Optic Trenching, Gas Line Trenching, Utility Trenching, HDD Boring, Irrigation Trenching, Underground Service Locating, Sewer System Trenching, Storm Water Trenching
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For directional drilling anywhere in California, the choice is clear: Jerry’s Trenching Service. Since JTS opened in 1964, we have set the standard in HDD. We are proud of our record of providing outstanding customer service. Every new customer relationship has resulted in repeat business, and that is a clear indication of a job done right.

When you call JTS Inc. for horizontal drilling, whether it be for natural gas, utility,

telecom, or any other project, you get a company that you can trust to provide quality craftsmanship with the most  experience and best equipment.

JTS has a core belief in safety as a culture, with dedication to being environmentally responsible.

Since the creation of JTS in 1964, the experience of our renowned management team shares more than 150 years of experience in HDD and pipeline industries.

Included in this large amount of experience is an assortment of different geographies and soil types of a massive scale. Not only does JTS work  in the Central Valley, but we also have experience with all regions in California.

This experience in such a diverse amount of locations and working conditions translates into knowledge, enabling us to envision potential challenges before they materialize so that we’re always ready with a solution.

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