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HDD Boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling


What is HDD?

While conventional trenching used to be the go-to solution, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is now the top alternative to conventional trenching. With HDD, you have the flexibility to drill below roadways, bodies of water, environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands, and other obstructions. For the installation of gas, electric, telecommunications and water/sewer lines for utility companies and minimal disturbance to the surface, Horizontal Directional Drilling is the best solution. To accomplish Horizontal Directional Drilling, continuous sections of drill pipe, specially designed drill bits, and survey equipment are all implemented. Once underground, the drill bit and pipe can be steered within certain limits. After the bit resurfaces at the target, a reaming bit is outfitted on the end of the drill pipe. By pulling this back through the existing pilot hole, this process allows sequentially larger reamers to be used to prepare the bore hole for pipe insertion. Otherwise known as pre-reaming, this process can be repeated to provide the correct hole diameter and stability required. After pre-reaming, the drill head is then connected to the pipeline or conduit using a specialized pulling head which then is pulled through the bore hole back to the start point, completing the job.